Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking a Bite outta the Big Apple

This is usually the time of the week where I write long angry ranting posts about shitty bands that totally suck balls which are hilarious to half of you, and inspire bitter hatred from the other half of you. This week however, I had to pack up for my Rad trip to The Big Apple. Don't worry I am not going to New York City to murder hipsters, and set fire to indie rock venes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (unless the opportunity presents itself). Rather I am going up there for a weekend of totally rad activities like going to Yankee Stadium, going to a real rock show with rad bands Taddy Porter and Jonathan Tyler, and general debauchery in the city that never sleeps. Hopefully my Rad vacation will present me with a whole litany of awesome or douchey things to rant about on the internets when I return. Anyways, so long story short I'll be back next week to make fun of some group of dickheads with a nonsensical long name, that dress like assholes, and play a made up genre of music. Until then feel free to sort through the archives and complain about bands I've made fun of before that you have an irrational passion for, or actually enjoy the mockery. In the meantime I'll be uptown baby, getting down baby. Enjoy your weekend bitches.

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