Saturday, June 26, 2010

Your requisite "Soccer is stupid anyways" Post

Well that sucked. not to beat a dead horse (I never understood that saying. Why is a a horse the designated dead animal?), but this is once again why soccer pisses me off. Every four years blind patriotism sucks me into watching an "important" US soccer game and then they lose. Three ours of my life wasted. Thanks a lot US soccer team. For the record, they were showing Courtney Love's "Behind the Music" episode on VH1 and the cinematic classic "Soul Plane" on BET at the same time as the game this afternoon. But NO instead I had to watch you assholes lose again in a sport I don't enjoy watching.

Well whatever, soccer is stupid anyways. The US is too badass to have their claim to fame be their national soccer team. You know who doesn't care about soccer? Ted Nugent. Because Ted Nugent ia too busy shooting guns, eating dead animals, playing awesome guitar solos, and engaging in other more "America Fuck Yeah" activities than watching Euro roundball. So here's to you America. Don't let this loss get you down, you're still awesome.



  1. Ted Nugent is an awesome American/Texan, but that was a terrible national anthem solo... He butchered that shit like Sweeney Todd butchers a haircut.

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