Monday, July 12, 2010

Todays Headline: Lunatic calls other lunatic a racist for calling self-absorbed millionaire asshole a dick.

This morning I was going through my usual daily check on to see what was going on know...sports. In glancing over to the headlines out of the corner of my eye I saw "Rev. Jesse Jackson...something, something...Lebron." Oh jesus. Whenever I see a headline involving Rev. Jesse Jackson addressing anything these days, I immediately prepare myself for a new rant of batshit craziness, more off the wall than the last time this nutjob opened his mouth. Even with that being said, I still had absolutely no idea what insight Rev. Jackson could possibly have on the Lebron James situation (for the record I am also sick of referencing this as a "situation" like this is some sort of foreign conflict). Anyways I go ahead and click on the article...

(Palm to face).

Jesse Jackson's "job" as you all know is that of an outspoken Civil Rights activist. This is a totally commendable thing to do if you are..actually dealing with an unfortunate Civil Rights concern that needs attention and repair. There was once a time when Jesse Jackson used to do this during his early days marching with Martin Luther King in Birmingham, Alabama protesting segregation laws and attempting to spurn important social progress in this country. Even later on Rev. Jackson did lend his support to valid causes where there was racial discrimination going on in this country that needed attention brought to it. Today however, Jesse Jackson is just a crazy ass old man, that is no longer relevant and just likes to turn any event into a reason to jump on his soapbox and start spitting a sermon of looniness.

Just to recap (AGAIN) the Lebracle of last week. Lebron used a national tv forum to announce to the world that he was leaving Cleveland for sunny South Beach. That was a total dick move. Cleveland GM Dan Gilbert then went on a crazed rant about Lebron being selfish and cowardly, and even theorized that Lebron quit on the team in the playoffs. Also a total bitter dick move. So Ol' Reverend Looney Tunes decides to chime in with this gem...

"His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave. This is an owner employee relationship -- between business partners -- and LeBron honored his contract."

OK wait WTF?? Sadly the second part of this statement is reasonable. This is a business. Lebron honored his contract and sought employment elsewhere. No reason to cry about it Mr. Gilbert. The first part though overshadows it completely. Seriously??? "A runaway slave? Slave master mentality." You are off your fucking rocker Mr. Jackson. Most runaway slaves didn't get to go on tv and announce to the world that they were running away to seek $100 million at another plantation last time I checked. They actually had um...far more miserable lives than King James... Also Dan Gilbert was pissed off that his shitty city/franchise's one shining hope went on tv and effectively kicked Cleveland in the balls and barely acknowledged if they had meant anything to him. So he was bitter. I don't think he wakes up in the morning and says "I own Lebron James, he is my slave, he will not leave me to run off to rival slave master Pat Riley down South."

Of course there are still racial injustices that occur every day in this country. When Jesse goes on TV however, and throws out random insane analogies about racial issues that are non-existent, he loses all the credibility he could use in the future to fight real social battles. If kids aren't getting into schools or acquiring jobs because of their race, that is a disturbing social occurrence that needs to be addressed. If urban victims of a natural disaster aren't getting the help they need, bring attention to that. Just don't ask me to feel sorry for some millionaire asshole who plays basketball for a living, and scream "RACISM!" when his slightly nuts and bitter former employer calls him out for being kind of a dick. Since you have shown yourself to be incapable of doing this, you should probably go ahead and take a couple plays off Champ, and wait around until somebody sane brings a real issue to the table for you to jump in on.

(5 minutes pass. Jesse Jackson goes on TV and accuses my blog of racism. I counter with the fact that the site's acronym is actually GOMLK. Nice try Rev.)

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