Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Afternoon Rad Jam

I spend a lot of my time on this site ranting about bands that suck balls and how shitty modern music is. So you might think to yourself..what exactly does this asshole consider to be "good music?" Well I have an answer for you. Music that kicks ass. Music with balls. Music that is totally RAD. Starting today I will be providing you with a weekly Rad Friday Afternoon Jam. This week's Rad Jam: Led Zeppelin: COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN.

Led Zeppelin is totally Rad. Seriously look at these rock gods. Look at Robert Plant. He goes on stage looking confused and then BAM! the music starts and he runs up and absolutely GRIPS the microphone. He takes control of the audience. THAT is a fucking frontman. Look at Jimmy Page. If you thought nobody could ever rock in a plaid sweater vest, think again. Communication Breakdown is basically the song that invented heavy metal. This is the first time a collection of guys said to themselves "hey lets get a long haired banshee to absolutely wail over the sound of power drumming, a thumping bassline and an absolutely dirty speedy guitar riff." THAT will be our "sound." None of this droning three chord garage rock bullshit with some pussy in a fedora singing about his feelings. Here's to you Led Zeppelin. I'm sure you will be a repeat entry on this feature. Have a RAD weekend folks.

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  1. Have to say I agree with a lot of what you wrote and it was funny... can't quite get behind your endorsement of Journey and Whitesnake as opposed to Beatles (yes their early stuff sucked..), Pink Floyd, Fleet Foxes.... I think at least a meter of suckitude could be instructive, unless you think, say David Gimour's guitar solos are comparable to say, Lil' Wayne... Of course I'd rather listen to Pink Floyd than Journey or Whitesnake... Of course I'd probably rather kill myself than listen to Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda (lol) though I'm sure they're nice guys... and the guy from Whitesnake looks like Kip Winger lol... with his poodle haircut.......

    Also, here's one reason to argue Fleet Foxes are good... I like their harmonies, and their songwriting can be original and interesting to listen to. Not saying they're great though...

    By the way, do you agree the Black Keys are over-rated?