Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Afternoon Rad Jam

You might think to yourself..if you're a member of a totally Rad band, life is always easy. You go out on the road and rock audiences nationwide. You do copious amounts of drugs, drink free booze, and bang groupies. You might say, "hey those guys never have a reason to feel down about life the way normal people do." Well that is total bullshit. Even if you're overdosing on awesome on a daily basis you still occasionally feel an emotion. Even people that win at life 99% of the time experience pain and heartbreak. Totally kickass rock n' roll bands however, don't deal with their breakup with that one special stripper they met on the road the way some modern band would. Which is to say they don't write some pussy emo acoustic ballad about their feelings and cry in their basement. No. A badass Rock N' Roll star drinks a bottle of Jack, picks himself up and writes an epic power ballad about how he's gonna survive without that ungrateul bitch. Something like this week's Friday Afternoon Rad Jam: Whitesnake's HERE I GO AGAIN.

This song is beyond Rad. The song starts off slow with an extended keyboard section for about a minute. (key element of an emotionall rad jam). Whitesnake wants you to feel the emotion of their suffering. Then however, BAM the band breaks into full rockout mode. At this point you have no choice but to do an air drum fill. You can tell these guys have quickly gotten themselves off the mat and are ready to take on the world again. First of all not only did lead singer David Coverdale get over the breakup that inspired this song, but he moved banging Tawny Kitaen. Tawny Kitean was THE video vixen back in the 80's. She is The hot piece of ass in this video seen writhing all over cars in this video. What better way to get back at your ex than to write a totally Rad breakup power ballad and then make a video for it showcasing your new hottie lady friend?

You see back in the day you didn't have to make an artsy music video to get noticed on MTV. You didn't have to run on treadmills in unison or have puppies jumping over sets of cones to make a cool video. You just had performance shots + hot chicks = Rad video. Also notice that at no point in this song does Coverdale smile. Even if a sexy redhead is grinding all up on him in the car he is still gonna emphasize the pain and emotion he feels driving down the only road he's ever known. So despite any heartbreak you may be feeling currently, get out there and enjoy your weekend, because like drifters we were all born to walk alone.


  1. Whitesnake is shitty pop hair metal. Listen to real metal like Slayer.

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