Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Afternoon Rad Jam

You might not think it, but sometimes there are certain pitfalls that come with being a totally rad band. Due to your loyal commitment to being totally badass at life 24/7 there is a high probability that somebody in your band might one day...die. One of your amazing party weekend benders might actually end with dire consequences. Worst case scenario...the band member that passes away from overdosing on awesomeness ends up being your lead singer. What do you do now?? Well if you are a total pussy band you say "waaaah. Our lead singer died. We can't go on. :(" If you are a totally RAD band however, you say "fuck this, we're gonna suck it up and come out of this. We will not only move on from this, but we will come out bigger and better than ever." In other words you are the band featured in this week's Friday Afternoon Rad Jam: AC/DC - Have a Drink on Me.

In 1979 AC/DC had just emerged as one of the biggest hard rock bands in the world with their amazing album "Highway to Hell." They were led by epic singer Bon Scott who absolutely screamed every note like it was his last. Well one evening Bon partied a little "too hard" (I know..oxymoron) and ended up kicking the bucket. According to wikipedia his official cause of death was "death by misadventure." This is obviously a fancy technical term for "death from excessive ingestion of Radness." Anyways AC/DC could have taken the easy way out and hung it up right then. Instead they picked themselves up off the floor, hired a new totally badass lead singer and recorded another album. An album that ended up being their highest selling album ever and one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded. An album called "Back in Black."

"Back in Black" and AC/DC in general totally kicks ass. Have you ever tried to have a nice quiet evening listening to AC/DC? Yeah no, cus it's fucking impossible. Seriously the other weekend a couple friends and I were sitting around chilling out watching football. Then I threw AC/DC on the stereo. Next thing I knew we had crushed a liter of bourbon and were hurling objects off my balcony while screaming at the top of our lungs. We literally had no control over these events. AC/DC just has this effect on people. It's science. One of my favorite tracks on Back in Black is obviously "Have a Drink on Me," a totally Rad jam about...getting wasted. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to go out and have a drink on me this weekend. Don't worry about the check we;ll get hell to pay.

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