Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Afternoon Rad Jam

It's Halloween weekend which means it's the one time all year you get to dress up as someone other than your boring self. You don't get to just throw on a polo shirt and some khakis and head out for a night on the town. No, you have got to put some effort into this evening's wardrobe. You've gotta dress up us something clever or hysterical. You gotta rock a costume that immediately sparks a convo when you step into a room and/or ensures you get laid. Cover every item that perfectly compliments your ensemble, paint your face, whatever it takes. Well what if you had to go through this routine 365 days a year? That would certainly be a pain in the ass. You would have to be the band responsible for this week's Friday Afternoon Rad Jam(s): KISS.

It's really a miracle that defies science that Kiss is still alive and well today. I mean you would just naturally assume that these guys would have overdosed on Rad by now. Today when you go to a concert, you pay $50 for some dickhead band to come on stage dressed in jeans and t-shirts, sleepwalk through their 10 most popular songs, and then you head home. This is NOT how Kiss rolls. Kiss does not fuck around when it comes to putting on a Show. The members of Kiss all paint their faces with awesome makeup. They throw on all black spandex outfits. They rock totally rad boots and wear spikes and studs. There are fucking FLAMES and fireworks bursting up all over the stage, and they fly over the audience spewing blood everywhere. Oh and btw they play some pretty badass rock and roll too. For Kiss it is Halloween year round, and dressing up Rad is essentially their full time job. Enjoy your weekend ghouls and goblins, you are the kings of the nightime world.

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  1. I hate KISS, but your writing makes up for everything. Well done.