Tuesday, July 13, 2010

R.I.P. The Boss - Salute to an Angry Old Man

George Steinbrenner the legendary owner of the New York Yankees died today. He was old. That's what old people do. George was often cast as a villain because you know...he was a crazy mean old man...that ran the Yankees...and everybody hates the fucking Yankees. Whatever your thoughts on George/The Yankees, Steinbrenner was really good at what he did. After acquiring the team he returned the most succesful franchise in US history to dominance from a period of mediocrity. He did this by doing things his way and not giving a shit what anybody thought of it.

George would fire you at the drop of the hat if you weren't doing your job to his satisfaction, whether you were a GM, the team's manager or the team's highest paid superstar. A lot of times his decisions seemed illogical to most, but hey "The Boss" doesn't care what you think. If "The Boss" thinks this is what it takes to bring a title to The Big Apple he's gonna do it. Steinbrenner was often criticized for throwing money at high-priced free agents, because this appeared "unfair" to other teams (especially in small markets) who couldn't afford to lure players with as much green as George.

Whatever. There are a lot of franchises with huge payrolls and rich owners that throw money at every big-name free agent they can that don't amount to shit (Ask a Washington Redskins fan). Shit is not that simple. You've got to make moves that fit a winning team model. You've got to build a winning business model in essence. Otherwise any rich asshole could purchase their favorite sports team and turn it into a dynasty...and there are a lot of rich assholes out there.

So on this, the day of his passing, I salute George as a fellow angry old man. Although wtf was he thinking trading Jay Buhner...? http://http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUwSxqnRW-8

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